Let's ditch single use plastic bottles!

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born out of frustration

Living a busy London lifestyle, James and Sam often found themselves on the go but forgetting their reusable bottle on their way out of the door. Frustrated by no sustainable alternative to single-use bottled water, altwater was born! 

altwater focuses on offering the convenience of bottled water without the wastefulness of single-use plastic, bridging the gap between disposable bottled water and reusable flasks.

making the sustainable choice an easy choice

When creating altwater, we had one goal in mind: to make a water bottle you'd actually want to use again and again.

We spent a lot of time conducting surveys, designing and perfecting the bottle, and we're very proud that we've created something that doesn’t just look great, but is a pleasure to drink from. You’ll never want to throw it away.
altwater aluminium bottled water design concept drawings for the UK
aluminium vs plastic for bottled water

why aluminium?

Plastics remain the world’s choice for packaging despite its alarming polluting effects. A shocking 4.3% of plastic bottles produced are recycled back into other food and beverage products, with the remaining going into landfill and non-recyclable products. 

Unlike plastic, recycling aluminium forms a closed-loop system, doesn’t degrade, and can be infinitely recycled; allowing us to create a bottle perfect for everyday use that can be turned into another product at the end of its lifespan. 

small changes, together, make a big difference

In our busy lifestyles, the importance of convenience shouldn’t be overlooked. Being able to make better, everyday sustainable choices will collectively lead to a better planet.

For the price of a flat white, altwater’s goal is to help rid the UK’s reliance on single-use plastics for convenience bottled water.
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